Avoiding the Thai Cupid Dating Scam

There have been many successful relationships between Westerners and Thai ladies that met on ThaiCupid.com but you also need to be wary of Thai cupid scam when dating on this site. It is not easy to find a Thai girl of your dreams; it can be long, hard process to get the one you want especially on popular dating sites like Thai cupid.

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There are many genuine Thai girls on Thai cupid but distinguishing the real and the decent ones from dishonest scammers requires some careful filtering on your part. The following points are some of the ways of minimizing the chance of being scammed on Thai cupid dating site:

Never send money to somebody you met online

This is the very first rule to avoid Thai cupid scam, never send money to a lady you met online for whatever reasons. If you break this number one rule, there is every possibility that you are going to regret your act in future.

There is no harm sending gifts to people you met online at certain times of the year, for instance during her birthday, valentine day, Christmas etc. but make sure to keep your money in your pocket.

Be careful with anyone who first contacts you

Most scammers on Thai dating sites usually first contact you, so to save yourself from such fraudsters. You need to be a little more wary of Thai girls on this site who first approach you, Especially the ones who are much younger than you.

Beware of this age group

Most Thai scammers are usually within 18-24 age group, practice as much caution as possible while dealing with ladies in this age group. Though most of them might be claiming that age difference is not a big deal and that they care less about it. But in reality, they are acting as a bait to scam you. Check out the video at the end of this post about experiences from real people who have been scammed on Thai dating sites like ThaiCupid.

Also, many Thai girls offer a sexy webcam show in exchange for some amount of money. This may not be regarded as scam but it is against ThaiCupid’s rules and thus is regarded as an abuse of the site, there are other places in Thailand which are meant for adult oriented fun. Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid this on ThaiCupid or you risk being defrauded.

Inconsistencies in communication

Most scammers talk to many other men at the same time. So as a result of this, they find it very difficult to recollect their sob stories. Try as much as possible to take your time when chatting with women on Thai cupid and if you notice any contradiction in everything she is saying, then be alert.

It is very crucial to note that scammers operate on all dating websites. So remember that to avoid being scammed on these sites is by being overly observant. For the fact that you paid for a membership does not give you guarantee that all members are vetted.

There are many other free online dating sites in Thailand which are even more dangerous than reputed ones like ThaiCupid & ThaiFriendly. So, the chance of being scammed on ThaiCupid is relatively less compared to other lesser known sites.

Avoid dating Ladyboys

Ladyboys are very common on Thai dating websites, though there are some men who buy the idea of dating them. But to avoid being robbed, you must avoid this at all cost because they are basically after money. Not all ladyboys are scammers but a majority of them are after your money.

In Thailand, many women lie about the children. On their dating profile, they won’t mention that they have any kids but in reality, they do. Although many men are comfortable with ladies who have kids, it’s better to get a confirmation before you venture too far.

Trusted Introduction Agency

Many scammers are usually ladies who have worked in Thai adult entertainment business for long. So sometimes it might be difficult to tell whether the person you are dating with is a scammer or a real lady. All you should do in this case is to introduce a trusted introduction agency.

These will perform a kind of background checks on her ThaiCupid.com membership.

Be wary of visa hunters

Thailand is a developing country so there are lot of women who just want to get out of the country in search of greener pastures. Many Thai ladies are very desperate to leave the country and can go an extra mile to impress you so as to fall in love with them.

So, it is important that you also have to be on a look out for such visa hunters. These ladies have a very long term plan of getting under your skin, so it might be difficult to detect it early but you really need to be wary of ladies talking about marriage at the early stage of your dating.

Another way to save yourself from Thaicupid scam is to avoid any lady that keeps telling you that she has friends or family in your country. This lady might be looking for a way to join her family in your country, exploit you, then she ends up giving you emotional trauma.

To summarize, don’t get discouraged by this post. It’s just a fair warning to be careful while dating online, ThaiCupid.com is one of the most trusted site with highest number of active members. If you keep above mentioned things in mind then you should be fine.


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