Do Not Make These Mistakes While Dating Filipino Women

In recent years, dating Filipino women has become a very hot topic among the western men. This is because they have proven for a very long time to be better life time companions. Filipino women are regarded as the best when it comes to dating the Asian ladies.

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Some people have some fairy tales about these Pinay women, some claimed Filipino women put their parents first in everything they are doing and as such, they are no good as wives. This claim is not valid when you consider the strong efforts these women put on table in order to adapt to their partners way of life.

Unlike most Asian women who tend to have language barriers, Filipinas command good English and this makes it easy to communicate with them. Most women from Filipino are well educated and informed and those that are not have strong drive for education.

Philippines is one of the few countries in the world where women relish equal rights with their men counterparts. If you take a good look at the history of Philippines, you will find out that these amazing Filipino women have long been enjoying this status in the society.

These women are renowned for their straight forwardness, caring attitude, charm and that of their capability of making strong decisions. They are the strong pillars propping the fences of their families. Most Pinay women are the handlers of the family finances, men go out to earn the money and women handle the money earned.

Since Filipino women are regarded as beautiful and very caring, most men especially the western ones wish to date or marry them as wives. Filipino dating is rapidly becoming too pronounced, most especially in the western world today. The beauty, charm and belief of these women attract many men easily for relationships.

Characteristics of Filipino Women

Philippines has won some titles in major beauty pageants. The country has one Miss World crown, six Miss International crowns, three Miss Universe crowns and three Miss Earth crowns. Their beauty does not only stand out from the rest but they also have so many outstanding characteristics.

When dating Filipino women, the following are some of the characteristics you will discover in them sooner or later:

Kind and submissive

These women are very strong because of the way they are brought up; the type of home training they undergo distinguishes them from their westerner counterparts. They are raised in such a way that they are submissive to their husbands.

Just be rest assured when dating Filipino women that they are patient, generous, supportive and understanding. Even if a Filipino woman has a quarrel with their husband, she stays quite without saying anything. Filipino women are very kind, generous, understanding, caring, supportive etc.

Educated and Smart

Ladies from Philippines speak English well and are also career-driven. Many of them have done well in engineering, architecture and even in computer.

Faithfulness and Loyalty

If you try dating Filipino women, you will see the values they bring to the table in terms of their loyalty and faithfulness to their husbands. An average Filipino lady do not give up on relationship anyhow, they take pride in sticking to one man irrespective of the situations.

Avoid These Mistakes While Dating Filipino Women

Filipinas are very conservative when it comes to dating and courting, they are constantly being reminded to exhibit modesty and self restraint. An average Filipino lady is not the type you will easily invite to your apartment and she will agree at a go.

You need to adhere strictly to the points below when dating Filipino women:

Do not be too touchy

When these women finally agreed to go out with you, do not screw the opportunity by touching them, they are not comfortable with being touchy, most especially during the early stages of relationship.

These women are very modest especially when it comes to public display of affection. She might misinterpret this act as sexual advances toward them and this can consequently cause them to stay away from you.

Do not be Harsh

Filipino women are naturally shy but they are friendly, approachable and very loving. They are also very welcoming and trusting, you will make friends with them easily. Do not be surprised when you invite a Filipino woman over for a dinner and she comes with a friend.

This is her way of securing herself because she thinks tagging someone along with her, will be safer than going alone. Make no mistake about this, just be patient and with time she will be more comfortable with you.

Never insult her family and religion

As a matter of fact, Filipino women are very close to their families and the religions. Larger percentages of these people are Catholics and are devoted to their religion. Speaking ill of their religion and family when dating Filipino women might be deal breakers. They play no hide and seek around these two important aspects of their lives.

Do Not Be in Haste

Most western men are always in haste when dating Filipino women; they want things to start working out perfectly as early as possible. However, you need to be patient when you are pursuing a woman from the Philippines because are not easy to get. So these ladies are always apprehensive because they are interested in lifetime partner and not a pastime fun.


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