Why do Thai single ladies seek foreigners?

It is believed that Thai single ladies prefer foreigners to their men, though, that does not mean they are promiscuous because traditional value set still exists. Thai women are decent, respectful, and resourceful.

Thai women

Thai women

There are quite a lot of Thai women who prefer foreign husbands but the percentage of Thai women seeking foreign husbands are more than most other countries.

Some Thai women are from poor families, not adequately educated, and with inferiority complex that it will be difficult to progress in life. Therefore, to an average Thai woman, the best chance of escaping the traffic jam of poverty is to marry a rich man.

For most of them, there is obviously something more appealing about foreign men than money. Self supporting Thai women might prefer foreign partners because they need someone to foot their bills and they want to be financially buoyant.

It is an obvious fact that some Thai women are happily married to their Thai men. However, many Thai single ladies would prefer foreigners as their husbands. Thai women have been marrying the westerners for quite a long period of time.

Despite some problems they have been facing in the west in terms of settling down, they are still very much happy with their western husbands. None of them are regretting marrying these people.

For those of them who have married before to their Thai men before remarrying said, they are drunkards and womanizers whereas they claimed that their foreign husbands are more responsible and very faithful.

There are some Thai women married to foreigners who are tolerating the abusive nature of their husbands but they take this as an unfortunate anomaly, and that they are looking forward to marrying other foreigners and would never marry their Thai men again.

These Thai ladies prefer to seek foreigners as husband because living outside their country tends to be more comfortable for them than living in Thailand because open sexuality is one of the subjects found there. So these women prefer to live most especially in the west where there are facilities and of course freedom.

Her Self Status

Most Thai women are in the habits of showing off their boyfriends while dating them. This is one of the reasons why most of them seek foreigners.

When dating a Thai woman, you will notice that she would want to take you to visit her friends and families very soon.

Trials with Foreign Boyfriends

Financially independent single Thai women have time to play a little bit of game; they are in no rush to marry you. Sometimes they seek foreign men just for the relationship experience, to compare and contrast foreign men to their Thai counterparts and for sexual experimentation.

Faithfulness of Foreigners

Before when polygamy was legal in Thailand, a Thai man can have a wife, with a minor wife called a minor wife; this one is known as a “mia noi”. And can still go an extra miles to have a third wife who he needs basically for sex.

Since monogamy is not a strong point of Thai men, the good news is that, polygamy is no longer legal in Thailand. However, many Thai men do carry on with this practice of having a second wife, because they know their women would not make any case against them.

Therefore, Thai single ladies prefer to marry foreigners because of their marriage orientation, they know most foreigners practice monogamy. Some foreigners too practice polygamy but will not force it on their wives to accept it.

Thai Men Don’t Want Them

There is this widespread belief that Thai men do not like to marry ladies from a poor family. So most of these Thai women are not considered by the men. Also Thai men are also reported not to like dating the divorcees, single mothers and the widows. This makes them look for foreigners at all cost.

The Western Men Looks

Many Thai women are very obsessed with the western men looks, be it for sex appeal, their oriental look, or with mannerisms, Thai women are irresistible and are very appealing to many men.

They have no accounting for taste or whatever you would like to call it, once you possess a very good look, Thai women may easily fall for you. Even if you are from Africa, Arab or you are from the west.


Some Thai single ladies prefer foreign men basically for a romantic relationship; they claim that Thai men are no match for foreigners most especially their western counterparts when it comes to romance.


The good news is non-virgin Thai single women are now acceptable in Thai society. Generally, Thai men still greatly prefer virgins as wives, non-virgins are regarded as worthless and used object by Thai men.

This value does not only set impact on Thai widows and divorcees but on also single ladies who are not virgins. They are looked down upon by the whole community and as such they have to face untold hardship because of that, traditionally, Thai people believe that in any divorce case, women are the culprit, that she would have been the one that caused the problem

Sometimes these Thai men would want to court them for sex without marrying them. So all these put together make Thai single ladies lost interest in their men and would prefer the foreigners as husbands to the Thai men.

There is a good short video on YouTube further explaining the reasons why Thai women prefer foreigners, check it out:


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